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What is Play Therapy?

"Play is to child what words are to adults"

"Toys are their words and play is their language". .

It's the last day of play therapy week.😁

Let's get to know what is play therapy and how important is it to all the kids for their overall personality.🤩🤩🤩

Children love to play so why not use the power of play in a therpautic way to help kids overcome every hurdle that comes their way. Play therapy is often underestimated but Play therapy is an effective tool for Early intervention. A child’s overall physical, emotional, cognitive and social development depends on play.

Play therapy helps the child to:

-express themselves

- explore the world through play

- to respect themself - take responsibility

- increase self confidence and self esteem

- be creative

- make choices

-to increase their interpersonal communication skills

And so much more... Its truly one of the best therapy available for children which gives them opportunity to say things which they can't in normal situations .

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